Online Services Records Access: Patient information leaflet

Before applying for patient access, we would appreciate it if you could read the following guidance.

Standard Access - This is to book appointments, order repeat medications, childhood immunisation history and change your contact information.

Advanced access - Patients aged 16 and over, can access their detailed coded medical record (DCMR). This includes all the above, plus being able to view a summary, allergies and medications (including history) and acute medications. The detailed coded access will provide details of all coded entries on your records eg. Asthma review or Hypertension etc.

Please note - this is not the same as requesting copies of your records in accordance with the Data protection act 1998 and Access to medical records act 1990. Should you wish to have copies of your paper and computerised records, this is done on a separate form and may incur a charge. Please contact reception.

What is patient access? Patient access has been around and has been used by the surgery for some years. Currently, approx 20% of our practice population uses Patient Access to book appointments online, order repeat prescriptions and change their contact information via computer and this is now available for mobile devices. This service has been extended to include a summary, allergies and a more detailed history of medications.

What if I already have patient access? If you are already signed up for patient access and use it to book appointments and order repeats but would like to view your record online you will need to complete the consent form and bring in 2 forms of ID.

How do I register for patient access? If you do not have patient access but would like to, please fill in the form attached and bring it to reception with 2 forms of ID. Your application will then be reviewed and authorised by a GP and it could take up to 28 days for a username and password to get generated.

What Identification do I need? In order to be able to complete your request to view your medical record online, you will need to have 2 forms of ID; one photographic (i.e. passport, driving license) and one with proof of address (i.e. driving license, bank statement or utility bill) no more than 3 months old. We would suggest using a passport and driving license as this has all the information on it. The practice will then take a copy of the ID and file with your request form.

Is it secure? Once your ID and application have been verrified you will be given a username and pin. This is only valid for 7 days. If you do not register within 7 days from being given a Pin the Pin will become invalid and the process will need to be repeated. When you have registered for patient access it is your responsibility to keep your ID and password safe and not reveal it to anyone. Only the surgery will have information relating to your log in. Everything is audited, all log-ins to patient access and everything that is viewed is recorded. Should you feel your account has been accessed without your permission or unlawfully you should conta

ct the practice straight away to deactivate your account.

Choosing to share your information with someone It’s up to you whether or not you share your information with others – perhaps family members or carers. It’s your choice, but also your responsibility to keep the information safe and secure. If you print out any information from your record, it is also your responsibility to keep this secure. If you are at all worried about keeping printed copies safe, we recommend that you do not make copies at all.

What is coercion? ‘Coercion’ is the act of governing the actions of another by force or by threat, in order to overwhelm and compel that individual to act against their will. If you feel you may be pressured into revealing or getting details from your patient record to someone else against your will, it is best you do not register for access at this time, alternatively please contact the surgery and speak to one of the receptionists.

What are the risks for me? In the future you may have the ability to view your full record, but please remember that there may be something in your record that you do not want to be reminded about.

FORGOTTEN HISTORY: There may be forgotten history, (something in the past) that you may find upsetting. Some of the language may be difficult to understand. ABNORMAL RESULTS OR BAD NEWS: you may see something before you have spoken to a doctor.

MISUNDERSTOOD INFORMATION: Your medical record is designed to be used by clinical professionals to ensure that you receive the best possible care. Some of the information within your medical record may be highly technical, written by specialists and not easily understood.

What are the advantages for me? You will be able to book appointments online, order repeats and change information online. You will be able to see what medication you are taking and any allergies you may have. However, if you feel something is wrong in your record please contact the surgery immediately. However, queries about interpreting information should wait until your next routine appointment with the doctor.

Information about someone else If you spot something in the record that is not about you or notice any other errors, please log out of the system immediately and contact the practice as soon as possible.

Inappropriate use of the system The practice will be monitoring the use of the service. We would consider inappropriate use of the online system as - Sending inappropriate/abusive messages, booking appointments and not using them, booking appointments for other people under your name, consistently booking inappropriate appointments with the GP. Should we feel a user is abusing the system, we have the right to revoke their access.

What if I want to see my children’s record?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide parents access to their children’s record. Children under the age of 16 (normally within the ages of 12-16) will be considered to be “competent Minors” and may give or withhold consent for parents to access their records. Therefore we are only allowing patients to view their online medical record if they are aged 16 or over, due to confidentiality. If you feel you should be able to view your Childs record please contact the surgery to discuss this.

More information For more information about keeping your healthcare records safe and secure, you will find a helpful leaflet produced by the NHS in conjunction with the British Computer Society: Keeping your online health and social care records safe and secure

Should you have any other questions, please contact the surgery on 01702 582670.